(V) NOS Vintage -ORIENT- 3 Star, Tea-Toned Dial, Japan Made

Diskutiere (V) NOS Vintage -ORIENT- 3 Star, Tea-Toned Dial, Japan Made im Archiv: Angebote Forum im Bereich Angebote; A handsome N.O.S. New Old Stock Tea-Tone Orient ★★★ Automatic Crystal from the 1970s. This Tea-Tone dial is a symbol of the good old 1970s in...
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A handsome N.O.S. New Old Stock Tea-Tone Orient ★★★ Automatic Crystal from the 1970s. This Tea-Tone dial is a symbol of the good old 1970s in itself. Ticking strong. 100% made in Japan---Marked 'Japan' on dial 6 o’clock.

This model is 100% New Old Stock. NOT the re-issue AAA and ★★★ by ORIENT. Orient’s AAA and ★★★ are classic indeed.

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Whole watch original and intact. With original Orient price tag.

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The movement is the 'UC' Grade Orient Movement. I cannot see this from the Orient Movement Database by Dan and Adriano. FYI: Dan is a devoted Orient fan. Adriano is an authority for Seiko's movements as a watchmaker.

How to Judge Orient Watch Grades?
The two letters found on the case and dial of each Orient watch designate the movement grade. Here is a partial list of grades... Although there are many grade designations, there seem to be only three major grades. This info is from a 2001 catalog. Thanks to Adriano from SCWF, who posted this info.
Source: http://watches.zsebehazy.com/orient_movements.htm

FC, EG : +10~-5 sec / day
FA, EX, FE, ER, EM : +25~-15 sec / day
PF, NR : +40~-30 sec / day

My Small Finding:
Reading this tabale carefully, you can realise the critical letter is the second one, NOT the first one. The second letter is crucial to decide the grade of the movement. The same first letter can mean different grades, like F and E. But the second letter indicates the real grade. You cannot find the same second letter appearing in two or three grades. Therefore, I believe the 'UC' would be the same highest grade. Judge this yourself of course.

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Dial: Tea tone with sunburst finishing. Unmistakably 1970s.
Printed: Orient ★★★ Crystal 21 Jewels. Spotless.
Dial Marked: JAPAN BK 4694Y280-A84 T
Lamination of the hour/minute hands and the hour spots are amazingly strong and fresh, as shown in the photos even in daytime lighting.

Date/Day: Date/Day wheels are made of STEEL in the old style. NOT plastic wheels as in modern Seiko 7s26 or ETA/Swatch now.
Display design in older Orient design. Mon1, Tue2, Wed3, Thu4, Fri5, Sat6, Sun* Sunday in red, others in black. In both English and Chinese. Day/Date change is the slow style from 23:00 to 03:00.

Movement: Mint 469WA3. Like new from factory. Automatic 21 Jewels. Date-Day. WC Grade. Push the button at 2 o’olock to quick-set weekday. Running strong and accurately.

The movement is amazingly clean and working properly. My watchmaker has opened one for me but I did not have chance to take photos. (My old cusotmers know this well, right? Any of my old customers have taken any photo of the NOS Orient I sold before?) This is very important for a N.O.S. as it does not have the oily dirt resulted by dried lubrication oil. NO rust or corrosion absolutely.

Case: Width: 37mm, excluding crown. Lug to lug: 42 mm. Lug width: 18 mm
All stainless steel. Extremely fine brushed finishing.

Crown: Original. Recess crown.

Case Back: Signed Orient. Marked Water Resistant, All Stainless Steel? Model number: 469WA3-81. Still with the original transparent protective sticker and the original hologram Orient sticker. Sticker marked IEM040 0PUC. Same number printed on the Orient tag.

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Look at the photos showing the case back closely. This case back's pattern is much more elaborated than the newer Orient. Same as older and newer Seiko.

Case back absolutely unopened. No scratch from case-back opener. I do not have the case back opener so I cannot open it to take a photo of the movement. My watchmaker has opened the case back of the one I keep for myself to check the movement. This is why I can see the movement is like new as described above.

For more information about Orient movement and Orient, check Dan's renowned webpage: http://watches.zsebehazy.com/orient_movements.htm

Bracelet: Width: 18mm. All original. Stainless Steel. Signed Orient with logo on clap. It is longer than normal size for Asian market. Can fit normal to thick wrist.

I am a keen collector of Orient, Seiko, Citizen and several Swiss brands.
Orient just has its own taste.

Price: Euro 69-

Shipping: Euro 10- Registered airmail to all over Europe.

My username Wien is listed in Good Guys Forum here in WatchUSeek.
More than 30 references available from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA (NY, CA, WA, TN, IN, TX).

Accept Paypal. No extra charge. Glad to provide more photos. For any question or more photos, please email me anytime: [email protected]

(V) NOS Vintage -ORIENT- 3 Star, Tea-Toned Dial, Japan Made

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