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Diskutiere Sinn 556 citrine yellow im Archiv: Angebote Forum im Bereich Angebote; Good morning from snowy Helsinki! I’m selling my citrine yellow Sinn 556 with original un-worn canvas strap included with Sinn H-link or fine link...
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Good morning from snowy Helsinki!
I’m selling my citrine yellow Sinn 556 with original un-worn canvas strap included with Sinn H-link or fine link bracelet. Watch is as new and so are all strap and bracelets. You can choose to buy it with original strap or one or both bracelets as you wish, price is down below.
Watch itself is working as it should be perfectly. I bought it from Sinn 7/22 and warranty is by Sinn two years from purchasin. Bracelets are from ad here in Finland.
I will send this package by FedEx and I will cover sending fee. You can pay with PayPal or bank wire and I will send the watch as soon as money has arrived.
I‘m a private seller and there is no warranty by me.
Price would be 1350€ with original strap or 1570€ with H-link bracelet included or 1620€ with fine-link bracelet or if you want both bracelets 1850€. I’m only selling no swaps, thank you.
Take care you all!


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Sinn 556 citrine yellow

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