[Erledigt] Seiko SBBN029 Tuna Marinemaster Professional - 700 limited edition

Diskutiere Seiko SBBN029 Tuna Marinemaster Professional - 700 limited edition im Archiv: Angebote Forum im Bereich Angebote; Hallo Uhrenfreunde, offered here is very rare Seiko Tuna Marinemaster Professional model, ref. SBBN029 a.k.a.Platinum tuna, JDM 700 (!) pieces...


Dabei seit
Zadar, Kroatien
Hallo Uhrenfreunde,
offered here is very rare Seiko Tuna Marinemaster Professional model, ref. SBBN029 a.k.a.Platinum tuna, JDM 700 (!) pieces limited edition to mark the 50th anniversary of the Seiko diver’s watch.

SBBN029 comes with a silver cermet shroud. Cermet is a ceramic and metal composite material (expensive production) that has the properties of both, the scratch resistance of ceramic, but also the elasticity of metal.

Unlike the traditional matte ceramic “tuna” shroud, the cermet shrouds have a glossy finish just like a metal alloy. Cermet’s properties make it suited for a shroud, since it is hard but also less vulnerable to cracks and chips caused by sharp impacts which can lead ceramic tuna's shroud to crack and in fact, making the cermet sbbn029 tuna the tool-est tuna there is 👍

Very rare piece, discontinued, attention grabber with shiny silver/platinum color shroud. Looks more dramatic on photos but wears really nicely on the wrist.

-- 49.4mm x 15.3mm, 118 g weight
-- cal. 7C46 quartz
-- pure titanium (hard coating) + -- cermet (ceramics/metal) case and bezel silver colored shroud
-- ivory silicon band
-- sapphire glass
-- lumibrite (60% increased from previous model)
-- 1000m wr for saturation diving
-- antimagnetic, corrosion resistance
-- 120 click bezel
-- 700pcs JDM LIMITED EDITION; 50yr Seiko anniversary of divers.

Full set: card box, box, card, papers, tags, ivory rubber.

Condition is fantastic, like new with only few marks under lugs from strap change. Glass, bezel, insert and shroud are unmarked.

Price: 1400€ for full set with additional black steel bracelet and custom leather straps included. PayPal or BT. Shipping is from Croatia. Insured shipping to Germany is cca 40€ (3-5 days).

I am a private seller. No warranties and returns please. Feel free to ask for every info, I had great deal here on forum.

Photos to follow.

Thank you for your time.


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Seiko SBBN029 Tuna Marinemaster Professional - 700 limited edition

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