[Verkauf] Seiko SARY099 automatic 4R35-02S0

Diskutiere Seiko SARY099 automatic 4R35-02S0 im Angebote Forum im Bereich Marktplatz; Hi :) For sale goes Seiko sary099 automatic movement 4R35-02S0 The watch from the Japanese market. Automatic 4R35 movement, 41h power reserve...


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Hi :)
For sale goes

Seiko sary099
automatic movement 4R35-02S0

The watch from the Japanese market.
Automatic 4R35 movement, 41h power reserve. It keeps time well.
In a nice visual condition, hairy scratches here and there, front sapphire crystal clear, glass at the bottom is scratching a little.
The bracelet has some scratches, currently set at about 17cm wrist, there are additional links.
The watch of those that shine. Very nice model, but difficult to capture on photos 🙂
With box watch, warranty card from 12.2020 (from Japan), manual and additional links for the bracelet 🙂

Price: 385€ incl. DHL shipping

I am from Poland, the watch is also in Poland.
This is a private sale and I do not accept returns.
I do not exchange / exchange for other watches.
Only sale.

The photos were taken by me in different places and times
Thanks for your attention!


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Seiko SARY099 automatic 4R35-02S0

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