[Erledigt] Seiko Majesta 9533-6000 day-date 90r.

Diskutiere Seiko Majesta 9533-6000 day-date 90r. im Archiv: Angebote Forum im Bereich Angebote; Hi :) For sale goes mine Seiko majesta 9533-6000 from October 1990, appears in catalogs in 1991. A really rare watch. With the characteristic...


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Hi :)
For sale goes mine

Seiko majesta 9533-6000

from October 1990, appears in catalogs in 1991.
A really rare watch. With the characteristic Majesta signature, the word "Majesta" appears in many watches released in this line, here we have a beautiful logo.
The watch is in a nice condition, scratches on the case inconspicuous, scratches on the caseback, the glass with a magnifying glass is clean, the case from the bottom has a copper color in some places, the crown is slightly scratched with a golden coating
The bracelet on the outside is well-groomed, on the inside there are abrasions of the golden coating.
Keeps time well - quartz drive 9533-6000, quick change of the date of the month and the day of the week.
Beautiful texture of the dial, applied indexes.
case: 36mm with a crown
bracelet I think for max 19-19.5 wrists
in the pictures it shows up on a 17.5 cm wrist.
The watch itself on the original bracelet.
Of course, I also attach the custom-made strap shown in the photos.
All photos are taken by me and show the same watch.

Price: 320€, paypal payment, shipping included

I am from Poland, the watch is also in Poland.
This is a private sale and I do not accept returns.
I do not exchange / exchange for other watches.
Only sale.

The photos were taken by me in different places and times
Thanks for your attention!


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Seiko Majesta 9533-6000 day-date 90r.

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