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My apologies for not writing in German, understanding and reading German goes well, speaking also, but writing… Please answer in German if you like.

For sale from my personal collection is this Poljot Sturmanskie Chronograph.

The Poljot Sturmanskie is the issued watch for pilots of the Soviet air force, it has got a stainless steel case and inside ticks a handwinder Poljot 3133 movement (based on the Valjoux 7734, improved by the Russians, it’s a bit like a Lada, not refined, but really dependable).

The case has got two crowns, the one on the left sets the internal bezel, the other one winds and sets the movement.

This watch is in brilliant condition, this type still gets sold by Poljot24.de in the single crown version for a lot of money. The reason I am selling this beauty is that my collection has gotten too large (again) so choices had to be made. The watch comes on a brandn ew NATO strap

The diameter without the crown is 38,4mm (wears larger because of the cushion case)

44,5mm length, 13,5 mm thick, the lug size is 20mm.

Service: No service history, keeps good time, chronograph starts, stops and resets like it should

My price is eur. 269,- excl. shipping, if you have any questions or remarks, please let me know! I will answer ASAP!

Payment via bank transfer or PayPal


I am located in The Netherlands

I am a collector who sometimes sells a watch from his collection, I am a regular at Uhrforum, WUS and the dutch "horlogeforum", here is some feedback:

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Fliegerchrono excellent seller

fliegerchrono is a great seller

fliegerchrono is a superb seller


I am not a professional watch seller and this watch is part of my private collection. This watch is described to the best of my abilities. I consider the pictures part of the description. Please note that vintage watches are not as precise functioning and waterproof as a modern day watch. Please ask any questions beforehand and I will answer them.

Poljot Sturmanskie Chronograph 3133

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