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Diskutiere Citizen "Speedmaster" - AN0880-57E / 0510-K16008 im Archiv: Angebote Forum im Bereich Angebote; next Citizen from my collection... Citizen Speedy in ok condition, just ask google what is best "speedmaster hommage" 1. Glass have wear...


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next Citizen from my collection...

Citizen Speedy in ok condition, just ask google what is best "speedmaster hommage"

1. Glass have wear marks! please, I am sure after some time you will need to change it. I didnt do it because I had plans to put sapphire on it....but here it is..

- Watch is in good looking and working condition. Working, reseting, everything that it need to to:)
- Original glass, wear marks!
- Bezel insert in ok condition.
- Original Bracelet included, have signs of use, apx18cm.
- Movement: Quartz. I advice to change battery with new one.
- Case width: 39,5mm.
- Thickness: 11,6mm.
- Strap width: 20mm
- Lug to lug: 47,6mm.






Price: 198Eur, paypal, shippment included. (from Croatia, EU)

I have post price that you easy can solve new glass and brushing of bracelet and still it will be good one for this watch.

Please, there was cases in my few last sales when I didnt respond ASAP to members who wished to buy watch. Please, I will always start talks with first contact, then with others....So if you are second in line, sry but first one have priority and not yours few euros extra....

Best regards

Citizen "Speedmaster" - AN0880-57E / 0510-K16008

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